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Rental Terms & Conditions

(1) Payments in order to be considered to have been received must be reflected in the official bank records of the listed Acapulco Real Estate account. Payments that have been sent but not received by Acapulco 1 Real Estate will not be considered valid. (2) In all cases and without exception, 100% of all agreed upon fees (including all rents, security deposits, or fees for special services) an original copy of this rental agreement duly signed must be received before a rental will be honored and entry to a property will be granted. (3) All payments must be received in accordance with dates outlined in this agreement. Failure to complete payments on or before the agreed upon dates may result in the loss of the reservation in addition to any transferred funds. Such decisions are made at the discretion of the individual property owners and not by Acapulco 1 Real Estate.

Tenant hereby agrees that he/she will not chargeback any payments made by credit card to Acapulco 1 Real Estate. Tenant agrees that failure to abide by this agreement will result in a penalty of $1,000 USD plus 5% of the above total per day for each day that said payments remain unavailable to Acapulco 1 Real Estate in addition to reimbursement of the total amount of any chargeback plus any and all costs required in the collection of said payment.

Tenant agrees that no refunds will be possible except in the following cases: (1) if the property becomes uninhabitable (2) is sold to a party that refuses to honor the rental or (3) if the owner cancels the reservation for a reason other than tenant’s failure to abide by this agreement. In such cases, tenant shall be entitled to a 100% refund of all deposited funds. tenant understands that Acapulco 1 Real Estate has neither control over acts of nature nor the decisions of the owner or administrator and that late cancellation, although extremely rare, is possible. Though a reasonable effort will be made by Acapulco 1 Real Estate to relocate tenant in such situations, tenant agrees that Acapulco 1 Real Estate bears no responsibility if an acceptable replacement property cannot be found.

Tenant understands that requested changes to the dates of a reservation reflected above will be honored only at the discretion of the property owners or administrators and may be refused.

Tenant has been informed that Acapulco 1 Real Estate does not make decisions regarding security deposits and agrees that any conflict with respect to the same must be resolved directly with the administrator or owner of the property and that Acapulco 1 Real Estate is not responsible for any outcome with respect to said deposit. tenant understands that placing telephone calls from the property can delay the return of the security deposit for weeks or months until the corresponding telephone bill is received. Tenant agrees any unpaid fees for services or rents unsettled at the time of departure shall be deducted from the security deposit. A check can be issued for the return of any remaining funds at no cost; if a bank transfer is required, tenant shall bear the cost of any transfer related fees.

Tenant agrees that all currency exchanges will be realized using the exchange rate (Ventanilla - VENTA) found online the Banamex website.

Tenant may be required to provide a list of the complete names of all occupants prior to arrival. tenant understands that each adult occupant may be required to show a valid picture ID before entry is permitted and that failure to provide a complete list of the names of all occupants or to furnish proper ID upon request may cause entry to the property to be delayed or refused.

Tenant agrees not to damage the property or remove any of its contents without consent of the owners or administrators. tenant also agrees that the replacement cost of any damage, loss, or theft will be deducted from the security deposit. tenant agrees that his/her liability for damages is not limited to the amount of the security deposit and agrees to pay the full cost of any damages, loss, or theft that may result from his/ her use of the property. The liability of the undersigned for damages includes the undersigned, all members of tenant’s party, and any guests.

Tenant agrees to respect the maximum capacity of overnight guests as stated above and will not invite other persons to occupy the premises without permission of the property administrators. If additional persons are found to be occupying the premises without consent of the administrators, additional fees may be charged or eviction may result.

Tenant agrees not to sublease or re-rent the property without consent of the owners or administrators.

Tenant understands that utilities and the services of on-site staff are included in the cost of the rental unless otherwise indicated above, but that food and beverages are not. The tenant also understands that tipping is customary and that failure to tip may result in poor service. Tipping guidelines are available upon request.

Tenant understands that transportation to and from the airport and around
Acapulco is not included. tenant also understands that Acapulco 1 Real Estate, the owners, administrators, and staff of the property shall not be responsible for providing for, or assisting in the location of, transportation.

Tenant understands that they may utilize the parking space(s) provided at the property or on the nearby street. tenant understands that he/she is solely responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to their vehicle or other property as a result.

Tenant agrees that Acapulco 1 Real Estate shall not be held responsible for any lost, missing, or stolen personal items resulting from use of the property. Once tenant vacates the premises, Acapulco 1 Real Estate is not responsible for storing or returning any personal property left behind.

Tenant or his/her guests and invitees shall not disturb, annoy, endanger or inconvenience other tenants, neighbors or staff nor commit or permit waste or nuisance on or about the premises.

Tenant understands that penalties for the use of illegal drugs in Mexico can be harsh. tenant agrees not to use any illegal drugs on or about the premises.

Acapulco 1 Real Estate is not responsible should the owners or administrators of the property evict tenant for failure to comply with these terms or other rules and regulations established at the property with respect to its use. tenant hereby agrees that he/she will not be entitled to a refund should eviction occur.

18. PETS:
No dog, cat, bird, fish or other domestic pet or animal of any kind may be kept on or about the premises without prior consent.

Tenant understands that Acapulco 1 Real Estate does not maintain insurance to cover personal injury, medical necessity, theft, property damage, or loss caused by fire, theft, rain, water overflow/leakage or any other causes and is not responsible for such occurrences.

20. AS IS:
Tenant agrees that the property will be rented “as is” and that Acapulco 1 Real Estate bears no responsibility for defects or imperfections with respect to the property or services.

It is hereby understood that the owners or administrators of the property may have additional rules and regulations that must be complied with regarding amenities, visitors, hours, parties on the premises, and other aspects of the property’s use not mentioned in this agreement.

Although rare, unintentional errors may occur on the website, in conversation, or in email with respect to property descriptions, amenities, services, use, restrictions or other information. Tenant hereby agrees that such errors shall not alter or in any way adversely effect this agreement.

It is acknowledged that Acapulco 1 Real Estate is not liable for any loss, damage, illness, or injury that occurs at any time or for any reason resulting from the use of our services including but not limited to that caused by visitors, staff, administrators, or owners of the property.