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Buyer´s Agent

Acapulco 1 Real Estate will help you determine price range, down payment, and closing costs in order to determine what you can afford. We can also assist you in applying for a prequalification letter from a bank and completing loan applications and determining monthly payments in the event a mortgage is required.

Property Search
Once we determine your needs and price range, Acapulco 1 Real Estate will perform a search for properties.

Preview Properties
Acapulco 1 Real Estate will preview properties which meet your requirements to determine their suitability.

Property Viewing
Once the list has been narrowed down, we will schedule appointments so that you can view the properties.

Acapulco 1 Real Estate will negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best possible price and assist you to make an offer as well as offer our advice during the formulation of the buy/sell agreement.

Successful Closing
Acapulco 1 Real Estate will facilitate a successful closing by networking closely with the cooperating broker, lender, trustee bank, notary, appraiser, inspectors, surveyors, title companies and other professionals.


1) It is the policy of Acapulco 1 Real Estate to only represent buyers. For properties listed with another brokerage, licensees affiliated with Acapulco 1 Real Estate must act as buyer's agents. For properties that are not listed-i.e. "for-sale-by-owner" (or trato directo in Spanish), our agents shall represent buyers as well.

2) When representing a buyer, Acapulco 1 Real Estate and its agents owe the buyer the duties of loyalty, confidentiality, accounting and reasonable skill and care in performing our duties, and any other duties contained in our buyer agency agreement. We are required to act solely on behalf of the buyer's interest to seek the best price and terms for the buyer. Finally, as a buyer's agent, we also have a duty to disclose to the buyer all material information obtained from the seller or from any other source.

3) Since it is the policy of Acapulco 1 Real Estate to only represent buyers, it will not act as a dual agent.

4) Acapulco 1 Real Estate shall only act as buyer's agent and will take necessary steps to protect the confidential information of one buyer/client from being disclosed to third parties.

5) It is the policy of Acapulco 1 Real Estate to cooperate with all other brokerages on an equal and consistent basis. This means Acapulco 1 Real Estate and its agents will provide non-confidential information and present all offers in a timely and objective manner.